World first card sized

loss prevention system

PROTAG connects with your mobile phone via Bluetooth, helping you to protect your valuables and phones on the go.


PROTAG integrates into your daily lifestyle seamlessly, and protects your both your belongings and phones. Slot PROTAG into your wallet, handbags, laptop bags; download our app; and get a peace of mind on the go.

Recover your valuable and phone

Recall where you left your items with our app. Return there and use our Proximity Detector to find out if your items are there. You can use our PROTAG Trace online system to find your phones too.

Minimise consequences

If all else fails, backup your phone's contact with our PROTAG Trace online system.Trace also lets you remotely activate your phone's camera. This way, you will know who took it and where it is.

Stop losing your things

Get alerted when you leave items behind and retrieve them immediately. Set up Secure Zones and don't get disturb at home or in your office, where your items are safe and sound.


Is it there?

With Proximity Detector, quickly find out if your items are still there.

Retrace your Steps

Easily search for your valuables because our app remembers where you lose it.

It is Smart

Our app integrates into your lifestyle seamlessly.

Track 'em all

Our app allows you to track up to 7 PROTAGs at a time.

Test of Time

PROTAG is designed to last you for years.